Pet Behaviour Classes in London

Behaviour Training

Sensitivity and Harmony classes are specifically designed for dogs with social issues. They only use positive methods based around treats, toys and touch, concentrating on ground work which will include a range of equipment to introduce your dog to different surfaces and textures. Learn to build a solid bond with your dog and create a relationship where your dog trusts you and the decisions you make in any environment. Be able to recognise signs of stress, develop your own anti-stress program and alter your dogs environment to take away stress factors. Work with your dogs nature not against it.

Sensitivity classes

Using positive methods based around treats, toys, voice and touch our aim is to confidence build and change your dog’s emotional response to fear-causing stimuli. Classes slowly increase your dog’s confidence week by week at a pace suitable to individual needs. Suitable for rescue, fearful, shy or nervous dogs.

Harmony classes

Ideal for reactive dogs that bark and lunge at other dogs or dogs that are over stimulated by their environment. Gain the skills to work under your dog’s threshold where they can learn to be comfortable in the presence of other dogs. Learn to recognise their tolerances, reduce anxiety using focus, distraction techniques and name recognition. Which will all be done using positive rewards based around touch, toys and treats.

Calm & Confident

A follow on from Harmony Sensitivity Classes or for those dogs who are not quite as reactive or under reactive. At this class we continue to work at the dog & owners pace and within their comfort zone to introduce & expose them slowly and gradually with positive reward to environmental changes, different situations, people, dogs, noises, all the things that some dogs may find quite stressful or worrying. These are smaller classes, we work both inside the hall and out on the field and wood area.

One to one behaviour

These sessions are for owners not wishing to attend classes or dogs that are not suitable for group sessions, for some dogs a class environment is just too much, a one to one behaviour session gives owners techniques and skills to deal with bespoke issues their dogs may be experiencing, some dogs will be able to progress to join a group class. These sessions can take place at the centre or we can offer a home visit depending on the issues your dog is having. A written report is sent out afterwards including a plan of action, back up advice is given.

Common issues include:

– Aggression to dogs/people
– Separation anxiety
– Excessive barking
– Hyperactivity
– Puppy behaviour consultations
– Destructive behaviour
– Mouthing/play biting
– Jumping up
– Recall issues
– Unwanted chasing
– Boisterousness
– Untrained dogs