Meet the Team


Ray Fawehimi (Owner, CEO & Licensee)

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel is privately owned by Ray and was a redundant kennels formerly known as Lomax Kennels. The site was purchased in 1996, work started in 2006 to completely rebuild the whole facility, and it was completed in 2008. Elmtree Canine Country Club was a redundant kennels & cattery formerly known as Meredith Kennels. The site was purchased in 2013 and worked started straight away to knock down the existing buildings/structures and completely rebuild a new facility, which completed in June 2015. Ray has always had a genuine love of animals especially dogs and his dream was to build the most amazing facilities for dogs and cats in the UK. He loves to spend his spare time walking on the South Downs with his partner and wire haired dachshund Molly.

Kennel & Cattery Management


Thomas Pipkin (Licensee Partner)

Tom spent his teenage years living at a large family run boarding and training kennels & cattery and has his whole life worked within this sector. He started by working during weekends and after school at the kennels and carried out a work experience placement at Medivet 24 hour Veterinary Hospital in Enfield. He then went onto complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma of higher education. Once he finished school, he joined the company full time and became the licensee. Over the next few years he spent much of his time training dogs with some well-known dog trainers as well as running the business. He also obtained contracts dealing with rescue/stray dogs and status dogs, working alongside organisations such as the Metropolitan Police, local councils and some large rescue charities. In his free time he did voluntary work for the RSPCA Enfield & District Branch. Tom then joined what started as a very small team at Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel in November 2009, he grew the business focusing on improving the standards of animal care in the industry and luxury boarding services for pets. The business grew at an unbelievable rate and he now heads a fantastic team of 20+ staff from various backgrounds, including welfare & rescue, behaviorist’s, dog groomers and veterinary nurses. As part of his ongoing commitment to become more experienced and qualified in this field, he attends regular courses, training and seminars. In the early part of 2015, he received the prestigious “Level 3 Student of the Year Award” at The College of Animal Welfare Awards Ceremony. Later on in the year, he opened and set up our new facilities “Elmtree Canine Country Club” where he lives with his partner, daughter and their 2 dogs.

During his free time he loves spending as much time as he can with his daughter and partner but also enjoys Bee Keeping and is a member of the Enfield Bee Keeping Association.

Kennel and Cattery Management 2010 :: QCF Level 3 Diploma in Land-based Animal Care and Welfare 2013/14 :: Dog Handling 2014 :: Microchip Implantation Trained :: SJA Level 3 First Aid at work 2018 :: Certified Fire Marshal 2018 :: Level 2 AoFA Canine First Aid Qualification :: Advanced Canine First Aid


Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel (Head Office)


Angela Hancock (Head Receptionist)

Everyone that knows Angie, knows that she is a true character, she is front of house at Elmtree and really is the heart and soul of the company. She has previously had many leading roles front of house within large companies and joined our team in June 2009 and quickly settled into her role as head receptionist, in her own words “I’ve never looked back since”.

“Hi, my name is Angie and I have been lucky enough to work at Elmtree for 5 years. I live locally to the Hotel and it’s a pleasure to drive to work and the fabulous surroundings, I could be anywhere!! Being the Head Receptionist at Elmtree has truly changed my life. Working at Elmtree has made me understand why pets are so important to their owners and their lives. I get great pleasure out of seeing the owners collect their pets looking so happy. I look forward to coming into work in the morning and greeting my customers and my furry friends and having a good chat. Also the team I work with are like my family, this is just another bonus to add to a great day at Elmtree!”

Generally Angie just loves to have a great time and enjoy life.


Maria Poessinouw (Reception Staff)

Maria previously worked as a receptionist for a small but busy company. She then joined Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel in November 2015. Maria quickly settled into her busy role front of house, fortunately she already had a good knowledge of the business as her daughter and son-in law are already part of our team. In her own words she says “whilst I still work in a very busy environment, I am now dealing with the most adorable pets, a similar job in many ways but with friendly four legged customers.”

“I love working at Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel with its beautiful safe surroundings, happy pet boarders and wonderful caring staff. I am a pet owner myself and have 2 dogs called Bambi and Flo, they are both Chihauhau’s. I can honestly say that working at Elmtree is a pleasure as each and every day is different. Having your pet looked after in a safe, loving environment is very important to every pet owner.”


Andreas Voniatis (Chauffeur Service Driver)

Andy officially joined our team in October 2013 but he has lived on our site at “Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel” with his partner Mandy and his Daughter Maria since 2011. For some, living on site could possibly pose a strain being so close to work, but Andy and Mandy absolutely love being at Elmtree (even if it means being on call 24 hours a day). Andy was originally a professional driver and has driven delivery vans for over 10 years. Andy has an amazing knowledge and a massive amount of experience in driving in and around London and its surrounding areas… “He knows it all like the back of his hand”. Andy has done various courses over the years including defensive driving courses and holds a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. Andy takes pride in meeting our customers’ when out on his travels and he is very thorough when trying to find out all of the information necessary to ensure that each animal has a happy stay with us. He always talks to owners to find out about the individual character of their pets and their likes and dislikes. Andy’s passion does not stop once he has delivered an animal, he takes an active interest in all of the pets that he delivers to our site, how they have settled in and even takes time out of his own free time to walk some of the dogs that he has formed a special bond with. This ensures that when he delivers each pet back to its owner that he has a better knowledge of their time spent at Elmtree.

“I love meeting Elmtree’s customers, whether they are new or regular. I find it natural when talking about Elmtree and try to reassure each customer that their pets will be in the best hands”

Andy spends most of his free time with his daughter Maria and his two dogs Precious a British Bulldog and Mini Mouse a Chihuahua. He also does professional filming and editing for events such as Weddings and Christenings.

Level 2 AoFA Canine First Aid Qualification :: Advanced Canine First Aid


Amanda Rogers (Kennels Manager)

From a very young age Mandy had a desire to care for animals, her grandparents owned a working farm and every minute of her spare time was spent at the farm looking after the animals. Mandy’s greatest passion was horses. She owned a horse and enjoyed competing in show jumping, cross country and long distance rides. When she left school she started working as a groom/stable hand at Kings Oak Equestrian Centre, which she loved. Mandy then settled with her partner and started a family. Once her children had grown up she decided that she wanted to go back to working with animals. She then got a senior position at a local boarding & training kennels and cattery and she knew from that point onwards that this is what she wanted to do long-term. Mandy stayed there for 3 years and gained an unbelievable amount of experience in all aspects of the industry. She handled many different breeds and temperaments during her time there. Mandy then joined our team in June 2009 and quickly became established in her role as a senior member of the team. Mandy already had a wealth of experience but wanted to obtain her qualifications and carried out the Kennel and Cattery management course in 2010, she then went on to complete a Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care and Welfare. Mandy recently received a “Personal Achievement Certificate” at The College of Animal Welfare Awards Ceremony. Mandy, her partner and youngest daughter live in one of the staff houses at Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel with their 2 dogs, Precious a British Bulldog and Mini Mouse a Chihuahua. Living on site means that Mandy is also on call 24 hours a day to provide out of hours care for the pets that we have staying with us.

“I love working at Elmtree and I am completely dedicated to all of the dogs in my care. I treat everyone as if they were part of my own family”.

Mandy enjoys spending time at home with her dogs, family and friends. But living on site means that most of the time (even on her days off) she can be found somewhere in the kennels or with a dog that needs some extra TLC.

Kennel and Cattery Management 2010 :: QCF Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care and Welfare 2013/14 :: Personal Achievement Certificate 2014 :: Animal First Aid 2014 :: Pet First Aid Course


Sophie Atkinson (Head of A/B Kennels)

Sophie joined our team in December 2012. She grew up surrounded by animals and currently has 6 dogs Millie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier), Gizmo (Shih Tzu), Lulu (Shih Tzu), Lola (Pug), Sausage (Dachshund) and Bear (Labrador), she also has 4 cats. Sophie has had an enormous amount of hands on experience in breeding and rearing puppies and says “I prefer the company of animals rather than humans”. Sophie studied Level 1 and 2 Animal Care at Capel Manor College and volunteered at Crews Hill Reptiles for 10 weeks, she also thoroughly enjoyed helping with the lambing at college. After 2 years of studying a CMC Sophie knew that working with animals was the only career that she ever wanted.

“Dogs are my favourite animal as they are the most loving, loyal animals you can get, who instantly become part of your family. I enjoy my job as I get to work in all of the different sections (Kennels, Cattery and Small Animals) so there’s always something new to learn and I enjoy learning new breeds that I have never heard of”

During her free time Sophie enjoys reading and socialising with her friends – Eating out, shopping and going to the cinema.

Level 1 Animal Care :: Level 2 Animal Care :: Pet First Aid Course


Claire Breslin (Head of C/D Kennels)

Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care :: Level 3 Animal Management Extended Diploma


Charlie Cracknell-Wright (Kennel Staff)

Level 3 National Diploma in Animal Management


Joshua O’Brennan (Kennel Staff)

Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care


Simon Kelly (Kennel Staff)

Level 2 Diploma for Veterinary Care Assistants


Natalie Poessinouw (Cattery Staff)

Growing up Natalie always had a natural love for animals. From a young age she had many different pets which she enjoyed caring for including dogs, cats, reptiles and a variety of small animals. Her passion for working with animals really started when she got a part time position in a local pet shop/grooming parlour. Natalie then joined our team in July 2011 and lives on site at “Elmtree Canine Country Club”. Like all staff that live on site, Natalie takes her job very seriously and is always ready to be called on 24 hours a day, to assist in night checks, emergencies or medical arrangements out of hours. Natalie went on to complete her QCF Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care and Welfare in June 2014. Natalie recently received a “Personal Achievement Certificate” at The College of Animal Welfare Awards Ceremony.

“I love spending time with the more nervous or scared dogs. It makes me smile to see a nervous dog completely turn around into a happy outgoing dog, and then I know all the hard work has paid off”

In her spare time Natalie likes to do girly things with her friend’s. She enjoys having her nails and hair done regularly as they don’t last too long once she’s back at work! Natalie also enjoys spending time with her partner and family.

QCF Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care and Welfare 2013/14 :: Personal Achievement certificate 2014 :: Understanding and Treating Dogs with Aggression Problems 2014 :: Animal First Aid 2014 :: Pet First Aid Course


Alice Smith (Cattery & Kennels Staff)

“I take great pride in my job, ensuring that all of the animals in our care are happy and content. It is great to see each animal exhibiting their individual personality and temperament.”

Alice spends most of her free time with her son and partner but also enjoys spending time with her pets.

Level 2 AoFA Canine First Aid Qualification :: Advanced Canine First Aid


Elmtree Grooming Parlour & Spa


Terry Wall (Head Groomer)


Lorna Hodge (Grooming Assistant)

Level 2 Diploma for Dog Grooming Assistants :: Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming


Elmtree Canine Country Club


Chloe Livermore (Country Club Manager)

Chloe has had animals from a very young age and has always been interested in the care of animals, she owns a rescue Cocker Spaniel called Bubbles and a Shih-Tzu called Louie (who is very protective over her!!). When Chloe left school she continued her studies at Capel Manor College and completed a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management, achieving distinctions all round D*D*D*. She carried out her work experience placements at Medivet Veterinary Practice, East Barnet Veterinary Practice and at a local Kennels & Training/Behaviour Centre. Chloe then joined our team in March 2011 after completing a work based placement with us.

“I am very passionate about the care of animals and find my job very rewarding. I consider the Elmtree team part of my family and absolutely love my job.”

Chloe likes to spend her free time with her partner, socialising with her friends and spending time with her dogs.

Level 3 Animal Management Extended Diploma :: Fire Marshal :: Emergency First Aid at Work


Jade Gibbs (Kennel Staff)

Jade completed her Level 1 Animal Care at Capel Manor College. Whilst at college she started doing voluntary work at Empire Poodle Parlour, it was at this point she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in dog grooming. Once she had completed her Level 1 she then went on to complete a Level 2 in Dog Grooming at Oaklands College in Hatfield. Whilst studying for her Level 2 qualification she volunteered at Natural Looks for Dogs in Winchmore Hill. Jade joined our team to in April 2015, she has Jack Russell called Dudley and a cross breed called Bruno that she rescued.

“I’ve always had a passion to work with dogs. I was brought up around dogs and have had pets all of my life. I love coming to work everyday and i love working with the dogs, elmtree is like my second home.”

Jade enjoys spending her free time with her family and her two dogs.

Pet First Aid Course :: Level 1 Animal Care :: Level 2 Dog Grooming Assistant


Katy Eggleton (Kennel Staff)

Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Animal Management


Leah Bowden (Kennel Staff)


Elmtree Doggy Day Care Centre


Ashleigh Howes (Day Care Manager)

Ashleigh completed her Animal Management Diploma in 2009 and joined our team that year, just after she became qualified. She started working in the kennels full time and later moved over to the cattery. As one of our longest serving members of the team Ashleigh has a massive amount of knowledge in both Canine and Feline care. Ashleigh was then promoted to Manager of our Doggy Day Care Centre in January 2018. She is a very popular member of the team and is always happy to go above and beyond for both humans and animals alike. She is a dedicated Vegan and a regular at her local gym. In her spare time she is committed to improving the environment and has set up regular recycling points in both the Pet Hotel and Canine Country Club… staff know better than to not use them!

Level 3 National Diploma in Animal Management :: Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work :: Pet First Aid Course


Keda Avis (Day Care Staff)

Keda joined our team in January 2016. Her career history has included working for an international recruitment organisation and also owning her own healthcare company. Keda’s dog Maximus was one of the first day care customers and is possibly one of the craziest dogs Elmtree has ever had the pleasure of looking after. Keda has been a huge hit with customers and dogs, she enjoys nothing more than offering some of the more nervous dogs extra cuddles to help them settle in. Keda’s spare time is taken up with Christmas planning (whatever time of year) and making homemade dog treats for Max.

Pet First Aid Course