Luxury Cat Boarding, London

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel is the natural choice for animal lovers looking for a quality cat boarding facility in London. Not only does it offer the finest accommodation and service, it also benefits from an unparalleled location being set in four acres of open countryside within the M25. Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel is where cats go for their holidays and our trained, caring members of staff look forward to providing them with the very best in cat boarding!

More about our FAB Listed Cattery

As one of the leading Feline Advisory Bureau Listed catteries in London, Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel strives to provide the best in luxury cat accommodation. With 30 dedicated suites and 6 Brand New Family suites, our North London cattery has developed an outstanding reputation. Our services & facilities include:

  • Open-aspect rooms with under floor heating.
  • A ‘Manicuring Pad’ in every suite ideal for keeping those claws in tip-top condition!
  • A ‘Chauffeur Collect & Return’ service to bring your cat to and from our north London cattery
  • Our ‘Luxury Family Suites’ now have massive and very exciting scratching posts with toys, play tunnels and many more things to keep your cat amused.

More About our Cattery

Cat Suites

Accommodation at Elmtree is ‘all suite’ with each pen coming with its own separate leisure and sleeping areas. Each of our cat guests enjoy a private, fully enclosed exercise area, where they can exercise throughout the day and a separate quiet area where they can settle down and relax. Each suite has been designed to keep guests as comfortable and contented as possible. They benefit from a temperature controlled environment that ensure the suites are cosy in the winter and cool in the summer and panoramic windows so that guests, when not playing or exercising, can simply sit back and enjoy the world going by. Our NEW Luxury Family Suites are an amazing new design where up to six cats from the same family can enjoy the sense of security being kept together as a family unit. The pens are filled with massive scratching post and play towers, toys, play tunnels and plenty of comfortable beds and hiding places.


We cater for all dietary requirements and provide only the highest quality pet food to our guests. Our brand of choice is James Wellbeloved which is a complete natural hypoallergenic dry food that provides a fully balanced diet. The food comes in a range of flavours which will be rotated throughout a guests stay to ensure maximum variety and enjoyment at feeding time. We appreciate that some guests will prefer wet foods and this is also catered for. We are also happy to maintain preferred feeding regimes. With this service owners are required to bring their pets food with them.

Wellbeing & Welfare

At Elmtree we have created a calm and tranquil environment to ensure our cat guests can enjoy their stay with us to the full. We want guests at Elmtree to feel immediately at home so we encourage owners to bring with them favourite items such as bedding and blankets so their cat feels as comfortable and calm as possible. Relaxing music plays throughout the day and each suite has a scratch pad to help keep nails down and toys for entertainment. Our dedicated team ensure every guest is happy by regularly playing with them or simply giving them a lap to sit on and a reassuring cuddle.

Chauffer Service

For owners whose schedules make it difficult for them to bring their cat to and from Elmtree we have introduced a chauffeured ‘collect and return’ service. Guests are brought to the hotel in the comfort of our specially adapted air conditioned vehicles by members of our team who specialise in animal transfers. Please ask for details.

Security & Safety

The security and safety of guests is of paramount importance to us. We have CCTV cameras throughout the hotel that are monitored from reception during the working day and have a constant security presence throughout the night and on Sundays, when except for prearranged pick ups, Elmtree is closed to the public.


We want all the animals in our care to remain healthy and unfortunately we cannot admit any guest to Elmtree that is not up-to-date with its vaccinations. On arrival we will require evidence that cats have been vaccinated for the following;

  • Herpesvirus
  • Calicivirus
  • Feline Influenza

No pet will be admitted without proof of up-to-date vaccinations.


If medication needs to be administered this will be undertaken provided the animal accepts the medication without resistance, and that it can be administered by one of our non veterinary qualified kennel team.

Veterinary Services

In the unfortunate event that a guest becomes ill whilst staying with us we have access to veterinary services 24 hours a day. Our practise of choice is Village Vet who can be found at Please notify us on arrival of any ongoing treatments or known medical conditions affecting your cat. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse admission to Elmtree of any guest showing signs of ill health.