Dog & Owner Training/Education in London

Dog training and puppy training in London

Are you looking for dog training and puppy training in London, Hertfordshire or Essex? Our Training & Education centre is based at Elmtree Canine Country Club on the borders of Enfield and Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire/North London. Elmtree and Happy Dogs Training School joined forces in early 2015 to create one of the best canine training facilities in the UK. Lyn Wilson our head trainer set up her training school in 2005 to educate local dog owners and the general public on canine care, training, welfare and pet behaviour. Her main aim was to bring out the best in you and your dog by using the latest training methods in a fun and educational way.

Elmtree Training & Education centre offer a large and varied dog and puppy training class timetable spread across weekdays, weekends and evenings. Our instructors regularly attend seminars and courses to ensure we can offer a wide range of up to date methods of training in all fields. Happy Dogs also offer a walking and day care service all run by professional trainers. Dog and puppy training is very important for your pet; they need to have their mind and body stimulated on a regular basis, attending classes’ gives you and your dog the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends.

All dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their dog is socially acceptable and we begin by working with you on the basic principles. Where you decide go from there with your dog is up to you – a well trained dog can be so much fun.

Our trainers are all very passionate about helping you to develop a wonderful relationship with your four legged friend. We use a wide variety of training methods individually tailored to suit your needs. Any age or ability welcome – people and dogs!

We aim to provide you with the confidence and knowledge to train your dog to be happy, sociable and well behaved. Our main emphasis is on responsible dog ownership with the opportunity to work towards puppy, bronze, silver and gold awards. Come along and join our puppy class with your young dog or if you have an older dog and are interested in joining us come along for a free assessment to see which class would benefit you the most.

All our London based dog training courses are run in line with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme giving you the opportunity to gain two certificates for each course you attend. We also offer a huge range of dog sports for the pet dog owner or those wishing to compete, did you know Agility, Rally, Fly Ball, Scent Work, Gun Dog are suitable for all dogs and they love it – so come along and meet us and find out what you and your dog will enjoy!