Price List

Cats & Dogs

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel is a unique concept in boarding for cats and dogs and has been created to offer unrivalled comfort and the highest possible standards of animal care. Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel is the natural choice for cat lovers as not only does it offer the finest accommodation and service it also benefits from an unparalleled location being set in four acres of open countryside within the M25.

Dogs Price (inc. vat)
1 Dog £30 per day plus VAT £36.00
2 Dogs £50 per day plus VAT (Sharing same suite) £60.00
3 Dogs £65 per day plus VAT (Sharing same suite) £78.00
4 Dogs £75 per day plus VAT (Sharing same suite) £90.00
Webcam (Dogs Only) £5.00 Per Day
*Extra Walks (Per 20 Minutes) £8.00

*Medication or feeds administered out of hours (8am – 6pm) will be charged as an Extra Walk.

Cats Price (inc. vat)
1 Cat £18 per day plus VAT £21.60
2 Cats £30 per day plus VAT (Sharing same cat pen) £36.00
Luxury Family cat pens Price (inc. vat)
Up to 3 Cats sharing, £40 per suite, per day, plus VAT £48
Over 3 Cats sharing, £10 per suite, per day, plus VAT £12.00 per cat
Lake View Cat suite Price (inc. vat)
1 Cat £18 per day plus VAT £36.00
2 Cats £35 per day plus VAT (Sharing same cat pen) £42.00

*This cattery is only open on a seasonal basis, ask for more details

Elmtree Canine Country Club

Luxury boarding for dogs Price (inc. vat)
1 Dog £40.00 per day plus VAT £48.00
2 Dogs £60.00 per day plus VAT (Sharing the same suite) £72.00
3 Dogs £70.00 per day plus VAT (Sharing the same suite) £84.00
Extra woodland walks (Per 20 minutes) £10.00

Luxury Day Care for dogs Price (inc. vat)
Doggy Day Care £30.00 per day plus VAT £36.00
Puppy Crèche Day Care and Socialising £30.00 per day plus VAT £36.00

*Day Care prices include collection and delivery. However, there is no reduced rate if you do not require this part of the service.

Grooming Parlour & Spa

All prices are a guide price and can vary depending on the condition of the dog’s coat (and rarely their behaviour).

In most cases the prices will also be less if the dog is having an all over clip (a clip off)

All dogs paying for a bath/haircut will have their nails checked and cut unless the owner asks for them not to be done. Ears and anal glands are checked on the owner’s request.

Special offers:

*50% OFF – All treatments at our Grooming Parlour & Spa half price on your first booking (Offer includes: all cuts, trims, bath& grooms – All breeds welcome)

*£10 pet-id Microchips for dogs, cats and small animals (Offer includes: Registration with Petlog, 4 weeks insurance and a tag for your pet’s collar)

*£30 Jacuzzi Spa Bath (Offer includes: 15 minute massage session includes: a shampoo and fluff dry)

Approximate breed prices for a full bath and groom (Inc. hair cut):

Breed Price (inc. vat)
West highland terrier £35
Shih Tzu (scissor) £40
Standard poodle £60
Toy poodle £40
Medium poodle £50
Schnauzer £35
Giant schnauzer £50
Golden retriever (wash and trim) £40
German Shepard (short haired) £40
German Shepard (long haired) £50/60
Staffordshire bull terrier £20
Jack Russell (wash) £18
Jack Russell (wash and clip) £30
Cocker spaniel £45
Springer spaniel £40
King Charles £35
Cockerpoo £45
Labradoodle £50/60 (depending how thick the coat is)
Chihuahua (short haired) £15
Chihuahua (long haired wash) £20
Chihuahua (long haired cut) £35
Airedale £55
Bichon frise £40
Akita £50
Alaskan malamute £60
Maltese terrier £35
Border collie (wash) £30
Border collie (wash and cut) £40
French bulldog £20
British bulldog £25
Chow Chow (wash) £40
Chow Chow (wash and cut) £50
Pug £20
Pomeranian (wash) £25
Pomeranian (wash and cut) £35
Pekingnese (wash) £20
Pekingnese (wash and cut) £30
Border terrier (wash) £20
Border terrier (wash and cut) £30
Cairn terrier £35
Scottish terrier £40
Samoyed (wash) £40
Samoyed (wash and cut) £55
Boxer £30
Bernese £55
Dalmatian £25
Bedlington £30
Bullmastiff £40
Fox terrier/ Welsh terrier £40
Labrador (wash) £30
Labrador retriever (wash and clip) £45
Shar pie £25


6 week courses* Price (inc. vat)
All classes – £15 per class, plus VAT
Inc. Dog Sports and Pet Obedience (Bronze Plus, up to Gold)
Harmony/Sensitivity – £20 per class, plus VAT £144.00

*Excluding: Puppy course and specialist workshops

8 week courses Price (inc. vat)
Puppy classes – £15 per class, plus VAT £144.00
Other classes/courses Price (inc. vat)
Elmtree Membership Scheme * £180.00 Per Month
Behaviourist – 1 to 1 sessions £80 per hour, plus VAT £96.00
Home visit – Start at £80 per hour, plus VAT (ex. Travel/Time Etc) £96.00
Specialist workshops £ See workshops Page

*Joining the Elmtree Membership Scheme entitles each member to take part in all classes (ex. Workshops, Harmony/Sensitivity classes and Puppy classes)

Being a member of Elmtree Training & Education Centre also comes with many different membership benefits inc special offers in Pet Boarding, Day Care, Grooming and much much more…