Dog Sports in London

Are you looking for dog sports classes in London, Hertfordshire or Essex? Getting your pet involved with dog sports is a great way for them to keep fit as well as providing a fun way for both of you to bond. Below you will find a list of the dog sports training classes we provide in London.

Agility Class

Agility is action packed, rollercoaster excitement for you and your dog. Comprising of various obstacles to run through, step over, and weave in and out of. Great for Body coordination and teaching directions. Agility is great fun and a perfect way to bond with your dog (and get fit) this is a complete hour of fun.

Foundation Agility

This new course is aimed at groundwork and the foundations for young dogs or dogs that are new to the sport. Building on drive and motivation, start waits, working ahead, commands and equipment words this is a great start for your dog into the world of agility.

Agility Club

For those competing or wishing to compete our Agility Club is to practice courses, equipment, turns and correct use of body language to gain the quickest and most efficient times from your dog. There are a maximum of six dogs for each 1 hour session and lessons vary from completing a whole course to working on individual pieces of equipment. Fees are paid on a monthly basis to reserve your place.

Doggy Dancing and Tricks

Stretch your dog’s mind and physical abilities by teaching them tricks and moves. Start with our beginner’s course to learn the basics that you can enthral your friends with by teaching your dog moves such as high fives, bowing, twists and turns. The course is good for your dog’s physical well-being as it uses muscles that may not be exercised on normal walks. Great course for winter evenings as these are exercises you can practice at home when it’s cold, dark and wet outside.


Flyball is a fun and energetic sport that your dog will love. Flyball competitions consist of two teams racing against each other. The dogs in the teams take it in turns to jump over four hurdles and then trigger a pedal to release a tennis ball which they must hold and return with over the hurdles back to the start. Stimulating enjoyment for you and your dog.

Gundog Training

Experienced gundog handlers will take you through the requirements needed by and you and your dog to be able to attend a shoot or participate in working tests, or if you would like to come along just for the learning experience and to give your dog a chance to really use their brain and steady them to distractions. Really beneficial for working breeds, we will introduce your dog to retrieving fur and feathers, flushing game, a steady retrieve, working to the whistle, directional controls and walking to heel off the lead. Come along for fun, experience and to really stretch your dog’s control and learning abilities. Suitable for everyone this is not just restricted to working breeds. Positive reward based training working towards our 4 certificate levels.

Retrieve & Steadying

This class is all about teaching our dogs to fetch a variety of objects and giving them to us nicely. We will build on their ability to hold the objects, retrieve from different distances and in a variety of surroundings. We will also look at our dogs remaining steady before retrieving. Suitable for all types of dogs not just working dogs as we will be looking at both obedience and pet dog retrieving.


This class is carried out on lead individually, owner and dog make their way around a course made up of signs giving different instructions. The signs are taught on a single basis and consist of exercises such as spirals, weaves, jumps, heel work, recalls and left and right turns to name but a few. The signs are then put together as a course which needs to be completed on a loose lead, racing against a timer, points are lost for incomplete/wrong instructions or tight leads. Rally is really good for increasing your dog’s listening skills and general obedience.

Scent Work

The beginners scent courses aim is for you to learn to channel an ability all dogs have in a positive way. Your dog will be trained to find a specific unique scent. This is a great course for bonding with your dog and learning how to read their body language. We can guarantee a tired dog after every session!

Fit Paws

Building dogs balance and core strength and fitness. Great for dogs that do sports but suitable for all dogs. We use various floor& Balance equipment to teach the dogs to approach obstacles correctly and with confidence. Builds confidence, understanding and your dog’s trust in you to make the right decisions for them.


Hoopers is a relatively new sport that has started to spread from America, into Europe and now to the UK shores here in Enfield. It takes a lot of basics from Agility but removes the need for jumps or contact equipment and replaces them with hooped gates for the dog to run through so there is minimum impact on your dogs limbs. This makes it ideal for any type of dog to take part in, from puppies who will want to learn Agility when they are old enough, up to retired agility dogs, and dogs returning from injury. It focuses on learning distance control and directional commands, hoops, tunnels and send arounds. A brand new class that is set to freshen up the Agility sport and make Agility more accessible to all dogs no matter their age or breed.

CUE (Canine Urban Exercise)

Canine Urban Exercise, is a brand new sport, only recognised in America, a few European countries and Russia. It is about making your everyday walks with your dogs more interesting and allowing them to use everyday objects, from park benches to fallen trees as controlled exercise. Every object can be walked along, climbed against or even crawled under. We will help to teach your dogs to achieve this in a controlled and safe manor, helping work on their core strength to gain balance, new skills and listen to you to follow commands. This is a great sport to build your relationship with your dog.